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​なみうちぎわの協和音 Consonance

Emerging2018 (トーキョーアーツアンドスペース本郷)

なみうちぎわの協和音 / トーキョーアーツアンドスペース本郷

 撮影:加藤健 画像提供:Tokyo Arts and Space







About the world we live. 

 How can we grasp the presence in our world to accept the reality without prejudice?


 “Diversity” is the keyword that reflects idea about the present social condition, especially human rights. It is almost the same meaning as ramification. For example, however, it is thoughtless to talk on one’s identity from fragmented categories. The segmentation will cause isolation if we do not pay attention to the fact that diversity is built on sameness.


 I would like to suggest to have a suspicion about visible landscape in daily life. Even though the fact is unique, there should be different interpretation when we see visible objects. If we doubt our interpretation and try to get different viewpoints, we could discover one real world beyond our expectation.


​作品を囲いトークイベント めぐるりアート2019(静岡県立美術館)


像の裏切り 2019 (静岡県立美術館ショーケース内

京町家の地下壕にて    ファルマコン -新生への捧げもの (The Terminal Kyoto)


consonance short ver.

consonance short ver.

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